Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Global Summit

Description: The Latin America and the Caribbean Global Summit (LAC Global Summit) will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, next June 10, 2014, and is designed for CEOs and high profile public authorities. This event is organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) together with the Municipality of São Paulo, and with the active support of Instituto Lula.

Objective: The objective of this Summit is to create a unique space for meeting and dialogue on major present and future opportunities for investment, trade and development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The ultimate objective of this event is to generate a chance to come forward with innovative ideas of positive impact on human welfare in sectors such as infrastructure, energy, natural resources and sports.

Convener: The former President of Brazil, Mr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the Mayor of São Paulo, Mr. Fernando Haddad, and the President of IADB, Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno.

  • The Current and Future State of the Global Economy
  • Sustainable Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Vision of Large International Companies
  • LAC going Global: The “Multilatinas” and their importance to the Region and to the World
  • Towards a Sustainable City Model of the Future
  • Sports as a Driver for Development
  • Sao Paulo as a Global City: Investment Opportunities

Audience: This is a closed event -by invitation only- and the presence of high profile public authorities (Heads of State, Government Ministers, Governors, Mayors) and international business leaders (CEOs, Presidents, VPs, CFOs) of Latin America, the Caribbean and the world is expected.

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