São Paulo is no longer “the misty city.” According to the study “Meteorology and Atmospheric Pollution in São Paulo,” by the University of São Paulo, increases in average temperature over the last 40 years have led to a reduction in the mists and fogs that once characterized the city.
São Paulo enjoys a high-altitude tropical climate, with summer rains and an average temperature of from 19º to 27 ºC. It is possible to experience all four seasons in just one day. In the morning, the weather can be sunny and cloudless yet the day may end with a storm. This is why Paulistanos often carry jackets and umbrellas, even on hot days.
In the summer, it usually rains at the end of the afternoon, cooling things off. In the fall, the temperature is pleasant at an average of around 23ºC. Winter days are sunny and dry with temperatures that rarely dip below 15ºC. In the spring, it is usually warm and dry.

Phone Calls
Telephone cards are sold in several commercial shops, such as bars, bakeries and newsstands. For calls outside São Paulo, dial zero + operator number + city code before the telephone number using a fix telephone. For international calls, dial zero + operator number + country code + city code before the telephone number using both a landline and mobile telephone.

Emergency Numbers

  • Traffic emergency – 194
  • Health emergency – 192
  • Civil Police – 147
  • Military Police – 190
  • Fire Department – 193
  • Lost and found (Post Offices) –
  • 24/7 services – e
  • Consumer Protection – 151
City code of São Paulo is 11. In order to call some cities using the same code, dialing operator number is required.

Business Hours
Typically, business hours range from 08:00 am until 06:00 pm. Banks open from 10:00 am until 04:00 pm Shopping malls open from 10:00 am until to 10:00 pm (Mon-Sat) and 02:00 pm to 08:00 pm (Sun and holidays). Bars and restaurants open during a flexible period. Additionally to open for lunch and dinner, some of them stay open during the night, even on weekdays.

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Electricity (Voltage)
Voltage in São Paulo is 110 volts and 60 Hz. But in the main hotels, you will find some 220 volt plugs identified.


  • January 01 – New Year’s Day
  • January 25 - Anniversary of the city of São Paulo
  • February 24 – Carnival (Tuesday)
  • April 10 – Holy Friday
  • April 12 – Easter
  • May 01 – Labor Day
  • June 11 – Corpus Christi
  • July 09 – Constitutional Revolution 1932
  • September 07 – Independence of Brazil
  • October 12 - Our Lady of Aparecida Feast - Aparecida
  • November 15 – Proclamation of the Republic
  • November 20 – Afro Brazilian Conscience Day
  • December 25 – Christmas

Time Zone
São Paulo follows the Brasilia time zone (three hours behind Greenwich). Between October and February, we have the daylight saving time, when watches and clocks are one hour ahead.

Since 1994, the Brazilian currency is Real (R$). In Brazil, exchange operation means exchanging a foreign currency for its counter value in Brazilian currency.